A Special Thanks!

It has been another incredible year at Central. We made tremendous strides in our delivery and goals for the restaurant. Although we have a long way to go, it feels great to be headed in the right direction.


The holiday season here is what we refer to as “a monster” or “the meatgrinder”. It is where we separate the weak from the strong. There are a lot of moving parts, from servicing the dining room to catering all our events and it is quite a monumental task to keep it all together and running smoothly.

When you do this , sometimes you fall short of the mark, hit it out of the park, or simply survive the day to start again the next. When it is time to give thanks by our diners, the glory seems to always go to the Chef. While I am always extremely appreciative of all the recognition, accolades and support our community offers me, I want to take the time and offer a heartfelt thanks to our entire staff that often go unnoticed, unrecognized and rarely thanked!!


Starting with our GM David Forbes, if you are one of our regulars, you know he is the quiet dude, working his tail off, handling things, making sure service is spot on and delivery is timely. He is the one who has to deal with hiccups and he does it graciously! We are and have become so much better by having him lead our team.

Equally as important to the daily grind is his support staff. Our managers Stephanie, Marlon, and Robert are the ones you often see running around, doing whatever it takes to make things run smoothly! We definitely can’t forget our entire front of the house staff. Every one of our servers, server assistants, hostesses and bartenders put in the work to provide great service and an amazing dining experience every single day. We are lucky to have the staff that we do.

Then we have our Events Coordinator, Autumn Lewis, and our Banquet Manager, Jeni Turner. These two play a never ending game of chess, juggling our holiday party schedule, dealing with every demand, expectation and concern all with the #1 goal of making the customer happy! Then they have to translate all of those needs, expectations and demands into something we can accomplish and deliver on, (not an easy task.) They have done a magnificent and stellar job! If you’re ever here and see two ladies going up and down our elevators and stairs, speed walking from one room to the next, making it all happen, that’s them. Like I said, lucky!


I can never thank my Chef de Cuisine Randal Gresham, our Banquet Chef Kareem Wade, our new Pastry Chef Maggie Gibbs and Chef de Partie Eddie Grafton enough for being my core culinary group who hold it down in the kitchen. They lead our team of cooks and grind daily to ensure everything is done right and to a Chef’s expectations. My culinary team makes it happen every day; they transform and deliver the vision day and night. Restaurant holiday season means 6 days a week, double shifts and grinding it out! It’s what we do! There wouldn’t be a Central without any of them, they are the nucleus of this place, and they are a heck of a team!


Last but not least, I am thankful for our support staff at the Kyser office. Mr. Jerry and Jake Kyser provide any and all the support we need, whenever we need it. You have Ashley Brandle…or excuse me Ashley Brandle JERNIGAN, she just got married this year, she handles all of our marketing and always goes above and beyond, always willing to do more. The ladies at Kyser office- Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Eileen, Nicole, Lacie, Ellen, Jenn, Brenda & Leah- are the ladies who are truly behind the scenes make it work. They keep us in check and provide the massive amount of support it takes to run this business. There is Dorsey who always has an answer, and a smile, when I have computer issues and Dustin who is always on deck fixing something in this building, every day!! It takes a village to run this show. Without all of my coworkers, we couldn’t do what we do. So yeah, this may be a “chef-driven” concept, whatever that means, but without all of these people, our team, our family, it wouldn’t happen at all!

Happy Holidays,