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Montgomery Rising
By Kurt Warner


Central Restaurant in Montgomery Alabama is a sneak preview of what’s happening in this newly vital city and the state as a whole. Executive Chef Leo Maurelli III is at the helm and leads his brigade to the future of the new and exciting Alabama cuisine. Now I’m not talking fried everything, and that’s what I expected. This is why I love to travel, the opportunity to learn about local regional cuisine, and the eye opening revelations that come with it. Central is just that, located in the heart of downtown in an area known as "The Alley". Formerly abandoned warehouses, The Alley has other dining establishments a gallery and is the center of nightlife in Montgomery. Central a beautiful space using repurposed timber, and the food is off of the charts. We enjoyed super fresh Yellow fin Carpaccio style fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, Halibut from Alaska and my guilty pleasure-Pimento cheese dip as an appetizer. Chef Leo takes so much pride in what he does, and believe me he does it very well. In fact you can see it in his huge smile when you comment on just how good the food is. Two members of our group from Australia told me that this was probably the best meal that they have had while in the states. And the consensus at our table confirmed this. So on your next visit to Montgomery Alabama, Central should be at the top of your “to do” list. You will not be disappointed, I promise. Just be sure to make reservations, this is one very popular dining destination.